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Back on the Pole

With summer now coming to an end, I realised I hadn’t been out this year and fished for Crucians, which are one of my favourite species to catch, such a challenge to catch the shy little Fish! I headed to my club lake in Essex on the Pole with the aim of targetting Bream/Skimmers and of course, the Crucian.

I was using a simple setup today, Fishing just slightly over depth on a 0.5g homemade diamond float and light elastic (Had it so long can’t remember the grade!) I was feeding Sonubaits exploding fishmeal groundbait, with crushed Bio Baits boilles of a few different flavours in and a big dump of dead maggots. Dead maggots are probably one of my favourite baits to catch Crucians on, I don’t think they can resist them!

I started with an initial 3 nuggets of the groundbait mix and some lose feed dead maggots too and let the swim sit for a 5-10 minutes. I think leaving your swim after feeding initially is important to let the Fish start feeding over it. On the hook I was using two dead maggots, one white and one red for some variation.

My First put in resulted in a small Roach which was a bit concerning as the Roach aren’t normally with the skimmers and Crucians. Next put in resulted in a very energetic Carp who clearly still had his summer fighting spirit! Especially on the Pole with light elastic! After a lengthy battle, I managed to net him, he was a bit too lively for a good photo unfortunately!

IMG 20200926 090557

The swim went quiet after this, however I held the temptation to feed again, as this could attract more Carp. I think monitoring your feed is important in keeping the Fish feeding, and you can always put more feed in, but you can’t take it out! After a small wait, the skimmers starting coming in line which provided good sport, the bites were very timid however, and it was the slighest of movements resulting in a bite, had to watch the float like a hawk for any movement!

It then didn’t take long for my target Fish to appear, the Crucian! With a typical very shy bite, and the usual swimming in circles they do while fighting! I then continued to have to a good flurry of more Crucians and Skimmers. Feeding another nugget of my groundbait mix after every 5 Fish, which seemed to keep the bites coming at a good pace.

As the day got towards my packing up time of about 2pm (Started Fishing at about 9am), the bites did start to slow down, however the Crusty Crucians continued to come, which is always nice! I decided to end my session on the next Fish, sometimes this can be a curse, however quickly came was the best Bream of the day!

IMG 20200926 132551

I find, the Crucians don’t seem to be with the bigger Bream and only the smaller Skimmers, not sure why this is, but quite weird! Maybe they can’t bully the bigger Bream out?

I ended the day with 36 Fish on the clicker, this being only Skimmers and Crucians, in total 13 Crucians on the clicker too, which is a lovely bag of Crucians, probably estimating in this few hours of Fishing maybe 15-20lb of Fish!

And of course, the money shot with only the Crucians was needed! Especially having such a good morning catching them, sadly I think the time for Crucians may be passing now, but it’s great to have sessions like this catching them, by far one of my favourite species to catch!

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