Catching At Frant Lakes And Feeling More Like An Angler.

Frant Lakes is a beautiful fishery on the border of Kent and East Sussex. It has eight lakes-two of which are the speci lakes (lakes 7 and 8). It will always have a special place in my heart as it is the first fishing venue my other half took me to.

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My last two trips there have resulted in seven fish being caught. We have only ever been out on speci lake 7 where it has a nice couple of features you can fish to-there are snags and lilly pads out in the middle and over to the far right a small island.

I booked a 48hr session over there in April and I was determined to rely on myself to find the fish rather than just cast out to the edge of the snags and hope for the best. Got myself all set up-2 Sonik Vader RS rods, my brand new Sonik SKX bite alarms (a big improvement on my first alarms, Saber) and my Leeda pod. Unfortunately the weather was all over the shop and relatively cold and the fish were not showing. No splashes, hardly any fizzing on the water-nothing.

About 5 hours later we had the lake to ourselves after the other anglers left. An hour after that I saw a fish, splashing away over to my right in the next swim. I thought right you, you’re mine! I reeled in my right hand rod, stuck a fresh 12mm Mainline banoffe pop up on my hair rig and made up a PVA bag using my Crafty Catcher 15mm chocolate and nut boilies and casted out to the swim on my right (having the lake to yourself has some advantages I guess!). Then I sat back and waited. 40 minutes later my bite alarm on the right screamed off and I was on! He took a while to bring in as he decided to take me into the snags but I got him and landed him all by myself. Beautiful common weighing in about 14lb if I remember rightly. That day I felt a bit more like an angler.

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How it all started.

I never thought that I would become an angler. I hadn’t thought about fishing, even after my mum telling me about my grandad who used to go sea fishing. I breed and show rats (although thanks to COVID, that’s been put on hold). You couldn’t get two more different hobbies.

I met my other half 2 years ago and he introduced me to carp fishing. My first fishing trip was 36 hours at Frant Lakes just on the border of Kent and East Sussex, on the Easter bank holiday. The thing I remember most was watching him setting up, talking me through what he was doing and why. There’s just something special about watching someone do what they are passionate about. And the nature, the peace and quiet, the scenery. It was just beautiful.

In total he had 9 fish out and by the second day I was intrigued. I had never seen a carp in my life and I remember thinking they’re amazing.

I wanted a go.

And that’s how it started.