Nathan Lamb

Target Acquired

Was a very early start to the day and a very long drive to the spot, this is something I’ve wanted to do for a while as this spot is somewhere I used to go as a child with my grandad.
After a well deserved stop at the service station we made it to the spot, I pulled up and set up a Ned rig with a Z-man TRD in white.

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The first section on this particular spot was fishing very hard and producing nothing, we decided to walk up and fish as we walk, I see an oncoming boat so I cast behind it as it stired the silt and mud up from the bottom and within seconds I was on… I couldn’t tell when fish it was then I see the spotted dorsal fin, this point my heart was racing I finally caught the required target, I got the fish in I was over the moon with this fish, I got it un hooked and out of the net Kieran got his phone out to take a photo and just my luck as always I dropped it straight back in the water, I was gutted.

IMG 20210406 085235 533 2

We carried on fishing up and between us we had few perch and another lovely zander, I was yet to catch another zander we made our way back to the spot I caught one, it was like deja vu another boat went past so I cast behind the boat again and with the third cast I tried the dead stick method, I felt a few little taps I thought it was just the weight hitting the gravel on the floor, I struck into one of the taps and I was on again! My heart went ten to the dozen again I wasn’t loosing another fish, again I see the the fish come to the service and it was another zander I was so excited I managed to land it and this time I made sure the mat was away from the water and I managed to get a great photo to remember my “second” ever zander.

IMG 20210406 085235 502 2

We went to a few other spots after this again these spots wasn’t producing I personally was putting this down to the constant weather changes, in that one day we had snow, rain and 12 degree sunshine, I definitely think this has put the fish off. I’m hoping my next venture put will be for some squid jigging or back to the spot for a bigger zander.

Nathan Lamb

The Elusive Perch

The day started with the usual running around looking for everything that I did pack the night before, you know the usual things like your rod reel lures bag etc….

Once I was packed it was a short drive down to my favourite spots on the river, once I got there I noticed that the water was extremely coloured and not flowing very much this must of been because of the bad weather last couple of days.

I chose to go for two set ups one on a 10g jig head using the 7cm Western shadteeze in pink headlight (brighter colour as the water was coloured), the other set up was a Texas rig using a Western ringcraw, the Craws normally do amazing in the colder weather.

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So me and my mate kieran started at the first lock and spent a few hours casting with no success and no showing fish etc we moved on up the river.

IMG 20201020 114550

We must have walked up the river about 5miles casting every few meters, still with no success, we asked others that were fishing they also had no success. I could only put this down to the very strange weather we have been having from it going from 15 degrees down to 2 degrees with rain sun snow… its like we got hit with every season in few weeks.

So after blanking for what must of been 5 hours we decided to call it a day and re group the next day at a lake we know of it holding large perch.

The next day I went out and bought some large prawns and set up my trusty float set up choosing to set it up with my centre pin, something about going back to the old methods makes me feel more confident in catching.

I made my way to the lake and again met my mate kieran there, this lake we went to had been made to look like a river it truly is one of the best looking lakes I’ve been to, we managed to find a perfect swim were there was a perfect slack in the water, me being me I forgot my rod holder so I found an old cut off from a tree and used that, cast my rod out and then it started the constant action.

PSX 20210310 204536

I had a a massive hit that brought my float under I struck it but nothing was there… this happened all day I can only guess it was bream, my mate kieran again as always out fished me by catching a perch that was about 2lb, even though I didn’t catch I never really go fishing to catch I go because it clears my head and is an amazing way to help my mental health and see my friends.

IMG 20210308 WA0010

We have planned to got to this lake again and possibly be joining the syndicate there for the year. Now the rivers are closed this will probably become our go to spot for perch and coarse fishing, I have taken the blank as a learning curve, I think my next time I will use two methods of approach hopefully this will give me an extra edge on catch that new PB