Carp Jack and Terry

Dayticket? Pass!

Welcome back everyone! This blog we look at a session we done recently over on the Guest Lake at White Lakes with myself, Jack, My dad and future brother-in-law. 

We only had a day session available to fish due to other commitments so we decided to give the guest lake a go for the day rather than trying to fight someone for a swim on a Day Ticket venue on a Saturday. 

We were feeling slightly confident due to knowing the lake a bit better than before and it being the easier of the complex’s lakes to get a fish on a short-day session. 

We arrived to the lake knowing the other 4 swims were already booked up so we had some idea where we would be fishing, we were hoping to get the side of the lake which had aerators along it due to the warmer weather, however those swims were already taken and we had to settle for the swims on the opposite side of the lake. 

We got underway setting our rods up with the hope of a fish each 🤞, a few hours after setting up Jack was away and into the first fish of the session, with a short battle he was blessed with this mirror, not one of the lakes bigger fish but always welcome and got us underway! 

20210619115318 IMG 3047

A lovely small mirror to get the day started and not long after that fish was retuned my rod was away, after a short but spritely fight the fish gave in and graced my net with its presence. 

20210619120709 IMG 3062

There were a few marks on the fish due to the spawning that they had finished a week or so before, so after a little bit of propolis treatment the fish was returned, my session had started and blanking was no longer a problem. 

The rest of the day seemingly passed uneventfully unfortunately until out of nowhere Jacks rod screamed into action, a very decent scrap commenced and Jack was blessed with this awesome 19lb 10oz cracker of a common carp. 

This was so close to carrying on our recent great form at White lakes with having a 20lb fish each trip, unfortunately this was the last fish of our session and meant that our awesome streak had come to an end, but with 3 fish on a day session on a complex we are still trying to crack we are more than happy with the results. 

So, with that all rolled up, we thank you again for reading our little blog and we hope to keep bringing the content to yourselves! 

As always,          

Tight Lines & Wet Nets,          



Carp Coarse Jack and Terry

A Splash of Colour

In this week’s blog we look over a recent trip myself and Jack had over at ‘The Lake at Nine Acres’, the main reason for this trip was a little social with a couple of mates. Having been to the lake before and lurking in the shadows of Facebook we knew of some of the awesome stock that resides here. 

Upon arriving I decided to set up in the swim I did on our previous trip as I had 3 fish that time and could remember the spots pretty well so I was hoping to repeat the success of before. 

Jack decided to set up 2 swims up from myself which had a fair amount of open water to fish to and also had an angle of the edge of the island to the middle of the lake, this giving him another feature to fish towards if he wanted too. 

I decided to use similar tactics as before with 1 rod over to my left-hand margin using a single glugged up Smokey Jack boilie with matching freebies, another rod fished using PVA bag tactics and my final rod using a zig rig as this is what I had some success on before, Jack used similar tactics but swapped the PVA bag method for a Feeder method. 

Not long after setting up Jack had a beauty of a take on his method feeder and was greeted with an awesome little Koi carp, something this lake is known for and why we mainly choose to fish this venue for. 

20210626081446 IMG 3082
Not the biggest but what a cracking fish! 

With another small carp not long after the Koi carp, Jack was having some success on the method feeder which again he has had some really good results as of recent. 

20210626082740 IMG 3092 1

After somewhat of a short quite spell, Jacks zig rig was off! Jack was fishing a 6ft zig rig just off the edge of the island, with the depths of the lake being between 12-15ft Jack decided a 6ft zig would be perfect to possibly entice a fish that was cruising through those middle layers, this had once again proven to be a great idea as he was met with this beauty of a mirror carp, with it normally being one of the lakes bigger residents at 20lb+ it was a named fish called ‘Frenchie’ with the time of year being not to long after spawning the fish was slightly down in weight at 18lb but that really doesn’t matter when it’s a cracking as this. 

20210626095818 IMG 3097
Jack with the named fish called ‘Frenchie’ 

The action continued for Jack throughout the day on his method rod and he went on to eventually land another 5 fish with 3 cracking commons up to 15lb and another small common as well. 

After watching Jack have some success on the method rod, I decided to change my PVA bag rig over to a method feeder and low and behold I had this small ghost like common carp to show for my troubles, although not the biggest it’s what I like to call ‘A Blank Saver’ 

20210626150124 IMG 3116

So, with the day all but over we can safely say Jack hit the nail on the head with his tactics and what a great day it turned out to be for him, so well played sir! 

Thankyou once again for tuning into a little blog, we appreciate every view and we thank you for your time 😊. 

As always,         

Tight Lines & Wet Nets,         



Carp Jack and Terry

Staycation Success

This week’s blog is a little review of 2 recent sessions Jack had whilst having some time off work and going on a family holiday. 

On his first session, Jack managed a spare few hours on the Bank the day before leaving for his holiday so decided to visit a local venue to him. 
On arrival he see the fish feeding on the top so he decided to fish on the top and a zig on the other rod at 6ft up from the bottom. 
After a couple hours of the fish just mouthing but not taking his bait Jack decided to make a couple of subtle changes and boy did it pay off, with 7 fish in a little over 3 hours Jack’s changes had paid off, with the pick of the bunch being an awesome little ghost koi mirror carp. 

Tylers Common 6

Nothing huge but some real good fun surface fishing in a few spare hours he had. 

On his second session, Jack managed a day session on the lake within his holiday complex, he was at Elveden Forest Centre Parcs, with the blistering heat due in Jack set off early to try and get amongst some fish, his mode of transport being this super sexy bike and cart 

200960755 1162877114190756 1380829818619971183 n

Upon arriving, unfortunately Jacks ideal swim was taken and so he settled for the next available one, within a couple of hours he was into his first fish and using a Method Feeder which Jack has found recent success and confidence in he was off to a flying start. 

Centre Parcs 4

With the fish steadily coming through the day Jack had a very successful trip whilst on holiday and with the sun really making an appearance Jack packed his stuff up a little earlier than planned and spent the rest of the day spending some valuable family time. 

So, with that all wrapped up, thankyou once again for spending the time reading our blogs, we really appreciate your support. 

As always,        

Tight Lines & Wet Nets,        



Carp Jack and Terry

Gettin’ Jiggy Wit It Part 2

Welcome back to Part 2 of our blog! If you missed the first half make sure you read it here: Gettin’ Jiggy Wit It – Essex Anglers Otherwise, there will be some spoilers 😉 

Following on from the end of the last blog we had a touch choice to make, with the lake now in full spawning mode we choose to leave that lake, luckily the Guest Lake/ Middle Lake hadn’t shown any signs of spawning so we asked Mike if we could jump onto it for the remainder of the trip, luckily for us Mike said yes, no problem but if they started showing signs of Spawning then we would have to wind in and leave. He was closing the complex on Monday anyway to ensure all the fish can get on with what they needed too, Happy Days! 

So, with all our stuff packed up and moved over we was set up ready for the last 24 hours of our trip, obviously not how we planned it but to be able to stay at our favourite complex was a lot easier then possibly having to find another venue in such short notice. 

So, leading into the night we were very confident of a bite, just as I was settling in ready to sleep suddenly my bite alarm burst into life and I was in, after a very good fight I was welcomed with my first 20lb fish out of the Guest Lake with this perfect common carp. 

20210530233333 IMG 3008

That now makes it 3 20lb carp out of the Guest Lake for myself and Jack on our last 2 trips, that is very good going and just reflects why we love this place so much. 

  • 20210530233333 IMG 3008 1
  • 182704164 590114402382767 4267082665974477613 n
  • IMG 2867

This also now meant 3 20lb+ carp for myself and Jack on this trip alone, which bar Gran Canaria was defiantly our best result on a session ever, happy days! 

The night carried on uneventfully until around 4am when my rod burst into life with this little common carp, not wanting to awake Sleeping Beauty I took a quick snap of the carp in the sling and returned it a.s.a.p. and got the rod back out on the spot. 

20210531 024030

A few hours before having to pack up and make our way back home, Jack was welcomed with another small common but we were more than happy with the results as this means we made the right decision to switch over lakes rather then find another venue on such short notice. 

20210531085144 IMG 3033

Unfortunately, the rest of the trip passed with no other fish but we didn’t care, with both of us breaking our duck on the Top Lake and both catching some awesome looking fish we were over the moon, we can’t wait to get back on the Top Lake and see if we can carry on our recent form and get a few more bangers under our belts! 

So, until then, 

As always,       

Tight Lines & Wet Nets,       



Species Hunt

Terry Roberts – Roach

Small roach caught on Maggot Tactics at Puddledock Farm

Jack and Terry Carp

Gettin’ Jiggy Wit It

At last, myself and Jack have got ourselves back on the Top Lake at Whites Lakes! We booked ourselves on for a 48-hour session over the bank holiday weekend and have been looking forward to this one for a few weeks now. We haven’t had any luck on the Top Lake on our previous trips but with some more knowledge from the current members and from Mike himself we arrived with a slight spring in our step and some confidence within us. 

The Weather leading up to the weekend wasn’t great but it was set to be somewhat of a scorcher whilst we were there, once again the Weather doesn’t give us a break, we always book our sessions a few weeks in advance due to family and work commitments so we are forever relying on the weather being nice to us rather than being able to fish on a whim. 

Upon arriving to the lake, we were met with a bit of a knock in our confidence with Mike saying the fish are set to start spawning any day now, whilst they hadn’t started yet Mike did say that if they did start then unfortunately, we would be asked to leave as when the fish start spawning, he closes the lakes to let the fish get on with it, this is once again another sign of how much of an awesome fishery Mike runs and he is not in it for the money but for the love of the sport and the welfare of his fish. 

With only 2 swims available on the lake, I decided to be the best friend a man could ask for and let Jack fish in his favoured swim (I know honestly, I’m just too nice for my own good.) 

After selecting our sports and putting our new approach into place we stumbled across some eggs they were laid randomly on the path between mine and Jack’s swim, although I’m no twitcher, I do really love being amongst the wildlife around me when fishing and so my interests were intrigued and I decided to try and determine which bird these eggs belonged too. 

IMG 20210529 WA0000

Upon extensive research (Seeing the bird return to the eggs and googling ‘Black and White bird with long Orange beak) it was revealed the eggs belonged to a fascinating bird called an Oystercatcher. 

Haematopus longirostris 2

A few hours into our trip Jack had a few single bleeps on one of his rods, whilst standing at his rods waiting for another indication, we saw the line moving but not enough for the bite alarm to detect it, Jack decided to pick up the rod and see what was going on, hey presto he was in! Result! Our first fish/take on the Top Lake, a short battle later he was graced with this chunky Common, all 25lb of it! 

20210529145752 IMG 2958

With the rest of the day passing uneventfully, we tucked up into our beds and was excited for the night ahead, at 12am I was greeted with a screamer of a run and just likes Jack fish I had a short battle ahead before being greeted with this awesome 23lb Common, my new Common PB! YIIPEEE!  

20210530005325 IMG 2997

(We do need to work on our night time shots) 

With the rest of the night passing with no further fish we were greeted with our worst nightmare, the fish were getting jiggy with it, so we decided to wind the rods in and head off to the shops to contemplate our next move. 

Upon returning it didn’t look good at all with the fish seemingly turning up their Barry White music and giving it a right good go. 

With our session seemingly over, we had a very hard decision to make…… Come back for our next blog in 2 weeks to see what we done and how/where we ended up! 

On a last note, the eggs seemed to start to hatch whilst we were there too! Love all around us! 

IMG 20210530 WA0000

As always,      

Tight Lines & Wet Nets,      



Jack and Terry Carp Coarse

Minions Day Out

Hi guys and welcome back to another JT Carpers blog, we hope your all keeping well and getting out onto the bank as much as possible! 

This week we have a little recap of a session we done with our children last month when we were allowed to meet up with another household outside, we decided to go to Tylers common fishery for a few hours on their match lake to try and get a few fish for the children, defiantly not for our own benefit whatsoever 🙄. Unfortunately, upon arriving at the fishery all the lakes were booked out for matches apart from the Specimen Lake, with the main aim of our trip to be quantity over quality (size) we decided to give this a miss and go onto Puddledock fishery as we know they have a few lakes on site which are of a high quality and very likely to catch. 

Upon arriving at the lake, we decided to jump onto ‘The Snake Lake’. We weren’t going to be fishing all day as our children are still young, I’m sure it wouldn’t take long for them to lose interested if we were there all day. 

So, upon arriving we decided to have 1 float rod each using simple maggot tactics and then 1 method feeder rod each to target some of the carp. The day started off somewhat slow and we were beginning to worry we would be forever taunted by our children about our lack of fishing skills. 

Finally, Jack hooked into the first fish of the day, a lovely little roach that saved both of our blushes and made us look awesome to our children, true fishermen with unbelievable amounts of skills! 

20210403 120828

With Jack bringing in the roach to no end it started to become apparent that this was very much a one-sided affair and I needed to catch something or forever be reminded by my children and Jack and his son that I was the only one to not catch. 

BRRRINGGGGGGGGGGGGGG, my bite alarm screamed from out of nowhere and I was into a carp on the method feeder, after a short scrap and letting the children have a go as much as possible without wanting to lose the fish, we had landed the only carp of the day, Hooray everyone was happy! 

So, with a few hours of getting the children out of our partners hair and having some fun fishing we decided it was time to call it a day before the weather took a turn for the worse. All in all a very success day, a few fish under our belts and looking like we actually know what we are doing to our children we went on our merry way. 

So once again, thank you so much for reading the blog, we appreciate all the support as does everyone from the Essex Anglers team. 

As always,     

Tight Lines & Wet Nets,     



Carp Jack and Terry

We’re Baccck

So finally, a JT Carpers blog! I know, I know your overwhelmed with excitement and so you should be because that means we actually have some content worth sharing! Yippee! 

To say it’s been a dry year so far for myself and Jack would be an understatement, obviously once again 2021 started how 2020 ended and that’s with a miserable lockdown, this did hinder our opportunities to go fishing so we were always going to struggle till it had been somewhat lifted. Once the all clear had been given by big Bozza we decided to book our first session on White lakes as fully pledged members. 

Unfortunately, as it was no night fishing allowed this was a normal day session over on the Top Lake/Carp Lake, with the weather still being cold we weren’t hopeful and we were right in thinking that as we had no luck on that session, regardless it was still awesome to get out on the bank and back to a site we loved spending time at. 

So, then we decided to get onto the club lake for a longer session, with night fishing now being permitted we got permission from our wonderful, ever loving, beautiful partners to do a 48-hour session 😇. The lake had been fishing fairly well with a member fishing opposite us catching 8 carp prior to our arrival, before getting the rods out we decided to go and pay the member a visit and have a little chat, being new members, we are always looking for any advice and tips from other members. I must admit every single member we have come across has always been very pleasant and always willing to talk, this shows what an awesome fishery Mike runs and a great judge of character he is. 

On our walk over to Ian, he hooked himself into another Carp and what would turn out to be a stunning 32lb mirror, I had the pleasure of taking some snaps for him, with a congratulations and small chin wag later we decided to go back to our pegs and set up. So, without dragging the whole session out for yourselves to read it sadly ended in a blank for us and as Mike would so politely put it, we caught a big round number of fish between us, 0. 

Now, with that session ending we was ever so eager to get back and give it another go with the new knowledge we had learnt from the members we met over the 2 days, but with no fish under our belts yet in 2021 we really wanted to get amongst them so decided to do a 24-hour session over on the Guest Lake with my dad and cousin. 

I am so happy to announce, WE HAD SOME FISH!! After around 20 minutes of paying Mike and him comically waving the cash at the lake telling them it’s okay to come out now that we had paid, I was into my first fish of the session, a short scrap later I was gifted with this 10lb common, not the biggest by any means but when you have been on a bit of a baron run, the first fish is always welcome. 

IMG 2847

The next fish to pay us a visit wasn’t until the evening time around 10:30 when Jack was met with a screaming run and a beautiful 20lb mirror carp, his first carp of the year and to be met with a cracking 20lb mirror what a way to start. 

IMG 2867

Jack then had another carp at around 2:30 in the morning, it was only a small common but coming off of the same spot as the first fish it seemed to show whatever Jack was doing was working. 

IMG 2882

This showed to be true with yet another fish off of the same spot at around 7:30 in the morning, once again another awesome 20lb mirror, cracking average size of fish for Jack on this trip and the perfect way to get the ball rolling for his fishing for the year. 

182704164 590114402382767 4267082665974477613 n

So, we were packing up a bit earlier than usual due to it being the Bank holiday Monday and the weather meant to be taking a turn for the worse come 4pm, then within the space of an hour myself and Jack both had another fish, fantastic! The trip had turnt into a success! Another 2 smaller commons but pristine and perfect. Unfortunately, my dad and cousin never had a fish between them but that didn’t dampen their thoughts of the lakes and they can’t wait to get back over on the guest lake with us as soon as possible. 

IMG 2932
IMG 2942

With the session coming to an end, 4 fish for Jack and 2 for myself (well 3, I did have a Bream during the night Aswell but didn’t want to bother anyone for pictures) the session was a success and just what we needed before our return to the Carp Lake at the end of the month! 

Once again thank you for reading our blog, I know it’s been a long time coming but good things come to those that wait 😁. 

As always,    

Tight Lines & Wet Nets,    



Carp Jack and Terry Tackle Reviews

Wychwood Riot Rods – Tackle Review

With the freezing temperatures having rolled in over the last couple weeks it has been very hard to get over onto a lake where it hasn’t frozen over and with only 1 lake in my local district as per Government guidelines my options are limited. So, with that in mind today I’m going to write a tackle review on my Wychwood Riot Rods. 

I’ve been using these rods for over a year now, there seemed to be a small uprising of using smaller rods a while ago and after giving Jack’s Nash Dwarf rods a go and seeing the benefits I decided to jump on the band wagon myself. 

After looking around at the different rods available I decided to go with the Wychwood Riots 9ft 2.75lb EVA handled variety. With the lakes I usually fish, I don’t fish at long distances and as I previously stated I like to fish the margins a lot so the 9ft rods are perfect for how I like to fish. 

87387520 2642696422516720 8423317705188179968 o
The Wychwood Riots 9ft Rods, the tackle of choice for myself.

I can honestly say I am so happy I made the move from using 12ft rods to using 9ft rods, the only thing that I really needed to change was how I would cast, sometimes when you want to fish that little bit further you have to give it that little bit more umph. 

However, this isn’t to say the rods can’t do what you need, these rods are perfect for all situations I have put them in and I am very happy with them, they also give you the advantage over bigger rods that they can get you into some more of the overgrown swims or just the smaller swims where the 12ft rods possibly couldn’t go. 

100621201 2841250215994672 4738682407459225600 o
Sometimes these smaller rods can get you in them little holes where the bigger rods may be a bit harder to handle.

They have a strong backbone too, I’ve played catfish multiple times on them and never had a moment where I thought the rod wouldn’t be able to handle it. 

I would recommend partnering these lightweight rods with a smaller reel so to balance out the weight of the rod and reel combo and making it less demanding on yourself over time, I partner my 3 with the Fox Eos 10000 reels which work perfectly for me. 

One of the most attractive and best things of these rods are the price point, at around £55 a rod these are very much affordable for most people and like I said are perfect carp rods, when I purchased mine, I got them on a deal of 2+1, so basically buy 2 get 1 free and with that my setup was complete. I have left a link below for the deal I got myself so you can revel in the savings you’ve made! 

The rods themselves come in 12ft, 10ft and 9ft variations so even if you do not want to downsize your rod size Wychwood cater for that too, also with the 12ft variant it comes with 50mm butt guides to help with longer distance casting. 

There isn’t much more I can add to describe these rods other then they are perfect in my eyes, Ive not come across a reason to believe these rods couldn’t handle any situation I put them through and with such a cheap price point they are perfect for beginners and experienced anglers alike. 

So, with that review complete I hope you all stay safe in these crazy times and fingers crossed we can all soon go about our normal lives and hit the banks and catch those dream fish we all wish for 🤞🤞 

As always,   

Tight Lines & Wet Nets,   



Wychwood Riot Rods 2+1: 

Carp Jack and Terry Tackle Reviews

Winter Warmers

Welcome back to another blog! Sadly no time for fishing this week with all the home tutoring for my 2 children. However I thought I would go over a few essential items to take on a Winter sessions fishing to ensure you are comfortable and safe at all times.

  1. Head torch 

For me this is a vital piece of kit during the winter months. As the mornings start later and the evenings come in sooner you may find yourself setting up/ packing up in the dark. This can be a very dangerous time as you are constantly beside the lake when doing both of these things and without proper equipment you could be putting yourself in a bad situation without even realising it. A decent head torch is a must! 

This is the current head torch I use and its a wonderful piece of kit.
  1. Stove & Kettle 

Whether you like hot drinks or not, nothing can beat warming your hands up next to a nice warm stove, obviously being as careful as possible to not burn yourself. Not only is it useful for making lovely warm drinks but if you want you can take a hot water bottle to give you that little boost, I don’t myself but I see myself getting ever closer to the age where this seems very appealing. In addition, a stove can help you shrink your shrink tubing if need be so is always handy to have it with you. Personally, after seeing a video with a segment from Frank Warwick in it I do not shrink my tubing over the hot steam as this can weaken your rig material, I like to shrink mine inside the hot water itself, this only takes a few seconds to shrink plus saves the material from being weakened and also keeps your fingers away from the hot steam! 

  1. Warm clothing / Appropriate footwear 

I think this one is pretty obvious but can be overlooked. Making sure you have enough layers on or with you can turn that cold miserable day into a slightly less miserable one and may encourage yourself to have that extra hour on the bank with the possibility of a bonus fish! 

Appropriate footwear, I cannot stress this one enough, leading up to winter last year I myself made the mistake of not taking the correct footwear on a 48-hour session and this proved to be a very hard session for me. I didn’t take into account the weather leading up to my session and the lake was completely swamped, I didn’t have the right footwear and was left with soaking wet socks and trainers for two days, not only was it uncomfortable it can prove to be very damaging to your health. 

highgrade thermo suit
  1. Shelter 

Again, this may seem obvious but if you don’t take it into consideration then you may end up cutting your session short. A good day shelter can be the turning point from having a miserable time and potentially becoming ill and keeping yourself away from the elements and safe. I have had my same day shelter for 5 years and it’s still going strong, some may seem expensive but trust me these are major investments and you will never regret it. 

61sBMGqk7L. AC SL1000
  1. Power bank 

Living in the world we do; technology is a huge focal point in our lives. Whether it be for important phone calls or browsing the ever-awesome Essex Anglers website for brilliant blogs everyday covering all aspects of fishing 😉 you need battery in your phone. A power bank is a massive must for me and not just any power bank, you have to ensure you have a good one, power bank capacities are measured in mAh (mAh means milliamp Hour and is a unit that measures (electric) power over time. It is commonly used to measure the energy capacity of a battery. In general, the more mAh and the longer the battery capacity or battery life.) So as stated the higher the mAh the more capacity the battery has and the more times you SHOULD be able to charge your devices (Always keep an eye out from scam suppliers who may quote higher mAh then they actually provide) 

The last point for me you must have Passion for the sport and a little bit of a screw loose to fish in the winter conditions, I personally LOVE fishing in the winter, yes, it is harder to catch at times but the fish seem to be at their heaviest weights and with so few anglers fishing, the serenity of being in the outdoors with your own thoughts is perfect! 

You can find most of the above items mentioned over at our sponsors . 

Remember people be safe whilst on the bank at all times but especially in these colder months when things can get a bit harder on the bank. 

As always,  

Tight Lines & Wet Nets,