Mark Harding

High Temperature Angling

I would usually be preparing for cooler climates and heading for the mountain lakes and rivers of mid Wales for wild brown trout and Sea Trout. Alas not this year, I’m really missing the cool mountain air and fly fishing for a few weeks.

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However I seem to have regained my love of summer lake fishing, so I’ve sorted out my carp fishing gear out, put new line on the reels, bought new bait and headed out to one of my local lakes.

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I have to say I wasn’t disappointed either, about 20 minutes after arriving for an evening session I was into the first carp, not a monster but very welcome at 9lbs. 3 more followed, the best one was 15lb. Again not a monster but certainly put up a very good fight. I was going to head out again this weekend but decided against it because of the heat. I will be heading to that lake again soon and hopefully improving on my previous session. Would be great to get a 20lb+ fish from there too.

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Mark Harding

Where are all the true Crucians?

It was great to be out at last!! I’ve been fishing my local club waters while I wait for the rivers to hit top form later on in the autumn. I suddenly had a thought! Where are all the true crucians? I keep on being told about crucians in many lakes, I go and fish for them and they’re not true crucians, far from it! In fact most of them now aren’t even F1 hybrids they’re brown goldfish. They are numerous in many of the lakes east of Chelmsford.

So, I set off to one of the lakes today in search of bream and tench, also to try out my new feeder rod and reel, and caught 4 of these ‘crucians’ instead. They’re lovely fish but I do wish they were proper crucians. There are a few farm ponds with them in that I know of near Saffron Walden, so maybe a trip up there is needed ………

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