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Rigged & Ready – Fish Rig 180 Review – The best telescopic rod?

Today, something a bit different, a rod review, the Rigged & Ready Fish Rig 180 (This blog as nothing to do with the Car, although a lovely car it is!), when I was first told about this rod, I was very intrigued and had to give it a go. It’s a semi telescopic ultra light rod. Perfect for light lure fishing for Perch or LRF. I saw this Rod as the perfect rod to target Perch.

As usual with Rigged and Ready, the rod comes in a quality hard case, with beautiful embroidery on, this is something they don’t go cheap on with the cases, they make travel rods, and you need a good case for it, I really wish more companies packed their rods in lovely cases like this. It just screams quality.

IMG 20210716 101252 scaled e1626427439860

Firstly, lets take a look at the specifications of this Rod. It is as above, semi telescopic, the only section not telescopic is the main tip, and it come’s with two tips giving you two different lengths and strengths. The main tip is 0-15g and will make the rod to 180cm, the second tip is 15-30g and makes the rod to 160cm. Really gives you a nice range of fishing.

IMG 20210716 101310 scaled e1626427468347

The rod also only weights in at 90g! Yes…only 90g! With a balanced reel, the rod will balance perfectly on your finger, it’s a breeze to carry all day fishing, you’ll barely notice you’re holding it! Normally with travel rods, or telescopic rods with different parts, you do think it the quality will maybe be bulky, maybe a bit heavy, or it will break easy. Really not the case with this rod, as light as it is, I’ve never thought I’d break it, you need to be careful when building it with each of the sections as you would any rod, however once in full piece, the build quality is fantastic.

IMG 20210716 101357

If we move onto the look of the Rod now, because let’s be honest, as anglers we like tackle that looks good! I feel it definitely delivers on the style front, the previous Rigged & Ready rod had the lovely stamp just above the reel with the brand and rod name, however that was the extent of it. This time Rigged & Ready have really upped their game in my eyes. The design of the handle is lovely, with a lovely cork handle, and the typical light lure rod look now with a thin carbon part going into the butt of the Rod.

And well, the butt of the Rod is finished with a lovely Pike with the Uk logo designed into, really screams quality.

IMG 20210716 101430

I guess we should move onto what is the Rod like to use? I have personally used this rod for Dropshot targetting Perch of any size. And my usual worry is that the Rod will be too heavy for the small Perch, it’s nice to see a bend in your rod for any size fish, but also when you get those bigger Perch, it to handle them, and this rod truly does, it makes the small perch enjoyable, until you hit into a bigger one, and it really shows it strength, as you can really handle the bigger fish.

The best thing, this Rod only costs £59.99. which is an incredibly low price. If anyone was interested, we can also offer a 10% discount code to make this an even better price too! “ESSEX A+R&R

If you want to see the Rod in action, here are few videos of myself using the Rod for Perch, and also George from Adventure Fishing UK’s review of the Rod (Prepare for huge enthusiasm as you go into George’s video! He catches some great fish in it!).

Bailey Payne River

Tiny River, Big Surprise!

I had a few hours spare one weekday evening, I decided to pick up my little River Ambush quiver rod and a tub of worms, with the plan of light ledgering some worm, and hopefully getting a bite on a tiny river nearby…

The River Crouch, this river had really suffered with pollution spike after pollution going right through Wickford, the fish population has really taken a hit, however most of the river is too shallow for most species to be anyway!

I headed down and chose quite a tempting looking swim with a very out of control growing tree! I had previously seen people fish here and catch a few.

As I was getting my bits together, I saw a fish swim past…orange? It was a bloody gold fish! Swimming around this tiny urban river! Something I will definitely have to go back and try to target, a river goldfish!

As I was sitting after my first cast…I saw…another goldfish! Orange and white this time! Clearly a few people have decided to abandon their pets in this little river! And they have really put on a bit of size!

Before I could watch too much, my tip was wobbling everywhere, and for the next 10 minutes or so, I proceeded to miss bite after bite!

Until I finally hooked into the fish! As it came up, it was an eel! Not sure how I seem to attracting so many eels, luckily for me, it spat the hook and I didn’t have to worry about unhooking it!

I tried a few other swims with no touches, until after almost an hour there, I managed to break the blank, with a tiny little Perch (Check out the vid below to see it!).

I then got greedy and went for the next fish, which is the main surprise of this blog, not the goldfish!

I went back to the first swim, and got gradual little taps, until the tip went round! And I finally hooked into a decent fish, as I netted it, I thought I had a lovely chublet!


However, from looking at the fish, it appeared to be a rather incredible dace, for a river you can jump across in parts, and also won’t go over your shoes in parts! I was over the moon with this incredible fish! Probably my PB dace, from a very unlikely place! What. A. Fish.

Unfortunately, the rest of the session was quiet, if you wanted to check out the video for this session check it out here! And please subscribe if you want to see more content like this!

Tight Lines all…

Bailey Payne Lure River

Dropshot for Perch: Easiest way to catch?

Well, in this session I make a big step in the right way on my dropshot learning road! I head back to the River Chelmer in Maldon, to fish around the bridges for the Perch. Using the dropshot technique, and worms and a variety of different lures on the hook, I head to get going.

The first provided the usual wasps to good numbers, however unlike the session before, the perch didn’t seem preoccupied anymore, and really wanted the worms, which have been the most successful bait for me.

These little perch really provide some great sport! After catching a few of these around this bridge, I took a stroll down to the next bridge, where we instantly saw a few bigger Perch swimming around, so was really eager to get one!

I straight away stuck a FFS INBE in Junebug on, and hoped it would tempt one of the bigger Perch.

Itr didn’t take long till that was true and one of the bigger perch nailed the lure!

And what a fight this Perch put up! Really put a lovely bend in my Rigged & Ready Fish Rig 180! As I netted this one, an even bigger Perch had followed it in! However clearly learning something, he turned away from the lure, quickly swapping to a worm, and avoiding the smaller wasps, this big perch enhaled the worm! And I was in again!

This is the biggest Perch I have had on the dropshot/lure methods and am chuffed to bits with it!

The funny thing, when netting this, there was another big Perch following it too!

Isn’t it amazing how the Perch follow each other almost into the net?!?

I went straight back in after the pics and tried to nail the bigger Perch, however still a chunky size, but not to the size I saw quickly bit!

IMG 20210626 092303

This bridge soon went quiet with all the commotion! So I headed back to the first bridge, to have a few chucks and then go on to a few bridges further down, however it didn’t play out that way…

I soon got to the first bridge, and I was catching constantly, from small wasps to much chunkier perch, and before I know it, I had ran out of worms!

And it was only 11:30! Now, some good perch where feeding and taking lures, I could’ve stayed, however, I wanted to end on the high of just over 2 hours fishing, and 20+ Perch falling to my net in that time! It was a great session and I am really loving this style of fishing for Perch! It’s great fun! I have also recorded a video on this session! So be sure to check that out below too! And please subscribe to the channel to see more videos of my sessions!

Till next time, Tight Lines!

Be sure to check out Rigged & Ready too, you can find a 10% discount code to use on all of their products here..

And this is the Rod I have been using!

Bailey Payne Coarse

Chigboro Fisheries – Tench Fishing

This was a bit of a special session, not really for any of the Fish caught, however, myself, Joe and Tom, the first people I brought into Essex Anglers, went down to Chigboro, a venue which has big carp, bream and tench, so something for everyone, to celebrate a year since Essex Anglers was started! (24th June) – Before we get into the nitty gritty of the fishing, a huge thank you to all of our loyal readers, it’s great to know a few people are enjoying these, and heres to another year!

Tom and Joe arrived at the venue about an hour or two before myself. And initially say on Heybridge Mere, a lake rumoured to have a few more Tench in. When I arrived nothing had been caught yet, so looked like a hard day. I setup with worm krill groundbait in a hybrid feeder and corn/small boilles on the hook. I was hoping for the Tench or Bream.

After a few chucks on the first lake, and the amount of weed being pulled back, we soon all realised feeder fishing here was probably going to be to no avail.

IMG 20210624 100646

We soon just took the pegs behind us on the main lake, where there was a hell of lot less weed. And started working on the swims.

We were behind a big island, which had a slight cove into it, I was in the middle of the cove and just cast into the middle of the cove, my hope was with constant accurate casting, I may be able to draw a few fish in.

IMG 20210624 104319

I was recasting with a full small hybrid feeder ever 5-10 minutes, and done a fairly good job at hitting the same area. The slight worry was, the lack of notifications I was getting.

Eventually, without warning, the tip bent round, fairly slowly, looked like a classic bream bite, and pulling into the fish, it came back fairly docile, fully creating the picture of a big bream on the end. However, it clearly woke up as it close in, seeing the margin snacks, and turned into a Tench!

He really put up a big fight when he got into the margin, and I had to be smart to keep him out the snags, quickly getting his head up, the net was straight under him.

Not a huge Tench, however a good few pound, it was nice to be off the mark.

I got back to my casting, and kept the same rate as it brought the first bite. and the next hour went by fairly quickly with no more signs of live, apart from a few fish topping.

I took the quiet time, to have a look on my phone, and some social media, and of course, as fishermen, we all know, thats when you get a bite!

The tip ripped round, with the rod heading lake bound! I grabbed the rod and struck, and the Fish steamed off, at first, I was worried I had hooked into a big carp, and was prepared for a long fight, however, I got the fish turned and really got the line back and got him up, to see a nice sizable Tench!

He still had a bit of fight left, but he was soon in my net! And what a beautiful male Tench he was, certinaly looked bigger than his size weighing in at 4lb!

Unfortunately, this was most of the action for all of us on our anniversary fish! With Tom managed a small Rudd, and Joe losing a good mirror by the net!

However, I do feel a good reason why it was so hard, is on a thursday, the lake was packed, and had a lot of Carpers spodding a lot of bait in. I can’t imagine that amount of pressure on a lake would mean for good fishing.

You do get a lot of the typical day ticket carpers on there too, as in the swim next to me, I had a bit of a drifting cast, and through the day his casting and spodding got gradually closer to me. Which of course, is fairly annoying, as I feel it ruined the careful casting I had been doing throughout the day. However, it is a common occourance on big carp day ticket venues.

I will definetly be back at Chigboro in the future, as I certinaly want a few more Tench, and hopefully some of the big bream which live there!

Tight Lines all, and thanks again for your committed reading!

Bailey Payne Lure River

Dropshot for Perch: Creature Lures & Worms!

Something different from me today, I go to try and get the grasps of lure/dropshot fishing for Perch. I have previously tried, and failed, although so far only have 2 lure caught fish to my name, a Pike and a Trout. So I’m not the most confident when it comes to lure fishing and the Perch has evaded me so far.

I was hoping to christen my Rigged & Ready Fish Rig 180 a super light rod ideal for Dropshot and lure fishing for Perch. This time, my dad decided to come along and give Dropshot for a few perch a go too. We headed down to the River Chelmer, a river with an abundance of Perch, or we were hoping for anyway! We focused on fishing structures where we thought likely for the Perch to be, bridges etc etc.

I started the day using a FFS INBE Creature Lure in Get Bit colour, really hoping I would get my first Lure Caught perch! The lure is only small, so it gave me a lot of confidence the little wasps would go for it. At the first bridge, the water was crystal clear and we could see a lot of Perch darting around, although a lot where close in just staring at where the wall met the water, possibly after larvae?

The first cast saw instant attraction, with a group of Perch following the lure through the water as I jigged it. However none of them seemed to keen? Maybe I had to tweak retrieve to spark interest? (If anyone can comment or message me tips It would be greatly appreciated as I am still learning this technique!) I went for quick bursts which seemed to really get the perch chasing the lure, a quick burst, then stop, drag, quick and repeat…BANG! First Perch had grabbed the lure! And was quickly lifted in!

IMG 20210619 WA0000
My first lure caught Perch!

I was chuffed to get my first lure caught Perch! A lovely little wasp! This bridge struggled to provide much else for us, so we wandered down to the next, where again it wasn’t long before I managed to get another on the same Lure!

IMG 20210619 100757

I started to struggle to keep enticing these Perch to take, so swapped over to using worms on the dropshot for the rest of the day, which certinaily gave me more fish, clearly it was a worm day, however the Perch still seemd pre-occupied (Any thoughts maybe?).

IMG 20210619 100840
A lovely little wasp by the Rigged & Ready Fish Rig 180.

The Perch were coming quite quickly for us through most of the day, and we caught a lot of the smaller wasps just on sight fishing, which is great fun watching the Perch suck in the worm and lure! My dad managed a few Perch too, and even a little Pike which put up a good fight!

The best Perch of the day came as the water started to colour up, preharps the more coloured water on the upper chelmer starting to come through, or just the sheer amount of boats that had been going past us?

The best Perch came from the middle of the River under a bridge, and was on the retrieve, still on Dropshot and Worm. And put up a great scrap!

IMG 20210619 134509
The best Perch of the day!

On our wanders up and down this lovely bit of River, we did also stumble across a rather large grass snake, which I couldn’t leave out of my blog!

IMG 20210619 120726
Grass Snake

All in all, a good day, and really helped me build confidence on the Dropshot, hope to go out on the jig and catch a few more soon! Really got the bug of this type of fishing! I’ve always loved a Perch too!

Until next time, Tight Lines All…

Rigged & Ready Fish Rig 180: (If you interested in getting anything from Rigged & Ready use the following code for 10% off! ESSEX A+R&R)


I highly suggest checking both of these out! Tom @ FFS Lures is a great help and will take the time to answer questions and help you find what you need to get you catching!

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Maver Venue Seatbox Review: Is it worth it?

Today we are looking at the pack-down seatbox from Maver, the Venue. An interesting seatbox aimed for those who are unable to store a full seat box. I’ve owned this seatbox for a few years now, and have got a good idea about it. Hope you find this Maver Venue Seatbox Review helpful!

maver venue seatbox review

The box comes with the main seat with one rig tray, a large tray, legs and an outrigger and bag to put on the back to store a few bits and bobs in. All this stored in one nice size bag. One thing to note, with everything in the bag it can be fairly heavy to carry, however, it is a seatbox at the end of the day, the strap on the bag can make it easier to carry if you don’t have a trolley. However, carrying this along with a pole bag, rollers and bait bag could be a bit of a challenge. I’ve always used this with a small trolley and have been fine.

IMG 20210610 174058

Putting the box together the first time can be slightly challenging, but once you have got a method it becomes quick and easy. One issue can be getting the box level and even each time. As there is no point of reference on the legs as to where to set them. This is in my view a bit of a let down, of course it would be different for different people. I highly recommend using some electrical tape or a marker of some sort to mark each leg with where to screw in, this will hugely reduce the time it takes you to put the box together. Make sure you attach each leg nice and tightly or you could slip down through the day!

IMG 20210610 174110

The outrigger is easy to add on too, add it on to one of the front legs before you attached that leg to the box and then adjust to be where you need it to be.

IMG 20210610 174114

The bag is a nice size to store a few bits and bobs, personally I keep pole cups, pole socks and other misc tackle in. You get a single tray level on the box, however you can buy more. Although for just a pleasure angler the one tray means you can get plenty of different rigs in. It also comes with a fantastic size side table, which is huge. most of the time I find it hard to fill it up, also has a nice soft foam top kit holes in, just to separate your top kits a bit easier.

When you’re on the box, its a nice and comfy seat, can easily sit and spend 6 hours on it. I have pleasure fished with it, and even several club matches and it’s never caused me an issue, for that I can’t recommend it enough, especially if you don’t have the room for a fully built seat box. I personally drive a Mini, so fitting a normal seatbox in along with all my other gear can be a tough game of Tetris. However this slides quite nicely into my car.

It’s priced at an affordable price too compared to other boxes. I personally would suggest this box to others, however, the cons of it are there, it can be tedious to put together each time and take down after a session. However you can soon get fast at this, and without marking the legs, I would be sitting a bit wonky!

A nice benefit is, you can get a lot of other brand seat box add-ons to fit onto this box. I use it with a Preston rod rest when feeder fishing, which makes life a bit easier. Although not all add-ons fit on, so always double check before purchasing!

Hope this helps a few newcomers in looking for a small box which can be broken down!

Here is a previous blog where I am on this box catching Crucians!

Tight Lines All…

Bailey Payne Coarse

Sunshine Tench

Well, we have finally had weather with some resemblance of Summer! It’s been a long time coming and from cold it’s seemed to have gone straight to hot! And clearly the fish have noticed this change to, with mass spawning taking place.

I headed back to Parsonage Farm Fishery, in hopes for maybe a few Tench. Same method as usual, a little hybrid feeder on my trusty quiver and Tincaberry groundbait, a good mix, and hopefully with the heat the Tench would fancy some berry flavoured goods!

Within 30 minutes of baiting up and fishing, the tip had smashed round, and a very un climaxing fight began, with the Tench almost giving up with barely any fight. However great to get off the mark!

IMG 20210529 094721 scaled e1622796911924
A Lovely Tench!

This beauty weighed in at around 3lb. With sadly a bit of damage to its upper lip, it was swiftly returned.

Unfortunately, the next few hours just provided constant line bites, never developing into anything. It’s always frustrating to see the rod tip moving so much but to no avail.

I opted for a change of tactic, others on the lake seemed to be catching well on float. So I quickly put the only float I had on! And hoped for some more Tench.

Using just corn on the hook, and casting just past the first ledge a few metres out. Similar to where other Tench where being caught, I was hopeful. Although I saw what seemed to be millions of Rudd buzzing around in my swim!

Providing a challenge to get past them, however catching these beautiful small fish really made time go by quickly, and it’s not long before you lose count!

IMG 20210529 115834

I possibly forgot about Tench fishing while catching these scale perfect little fish one a chuck, and really just forgot about taking photos. Sometimes it can be such a joy just to constantly catch like this. no matter the size of the fish. Especially sitting in the sun, catching one a chuck proved to be a great way to spend a day.

Before I knew it, my alarm went off and it was time to head home!

Tight Lines all…

Bailey Payne Coarse

Essex Tenching

Back to BDAC’s Parsonage Farm Fishery, a lovely lake, with no carp, and a lot of Tench stocked, other species such as Perch, Roach, Bream and I’ve heard good size Crucians are also resident to this venue. However I am mainly targetting for Tench.

My first session resulted in landing one, and losing one, along with a small Roach. So I was eager to improve on this. This time, although still cold and not ideal, at least it wasn’t raining! The brolly happily stayed down for…most…of the session. I opted for the same approach as last time, fishing my light quiver tip with a hybrid feeder with a Tincaberry groundbait/micro mix with either a berry boille or grain of sweet corn on the hook. I did decide to feed slightly more aggressively and hand fed the area I was casting too just past the reeds.

IMG 20210522 123219
I also had a Berry glug I poured over the feeder for some extra scent!

First cast provided a quick bite, although it was no Tench, as the tip quickly jolted, the Tench usually drag the rod in. This eager fish happened to be a decent Roach, and this venue is really proving to have some chunky size silvers.

IMG 20210522 101538 scaled e1622209457419

I quickly re-baited and went in again, and it wasn’t long this time before the rod was being dragged in! The fish charged to the reed bed I was fishing by, as did every fish I hooked here, proving a challenge to keep the fish under control. I managed to steer this fish clear, and slowly waited and tired the Tench in the open, free of any snags. The net was swiftly under the Fish, and time for photos.

IMG 20210522 100107
A Lovely Tench of just shy of 3lb

This was a great Fish to start with. Sadly, after this quick two bites and fish, the swim went quiet. And hours went by with only a few touches on the tip, but never developing. I had been feeding quite reserved, with only my initial few balls and then what was in the feeder. I still saw a few Tench coming out, and was getting notifications fish were in the area. I decided to try and up the feeding after this hour or so of quietness. And it wasn’t long before it paid off with another wrap round of the tip.

The perk of using a 1oz tip with these Tench, is they are so much more of a joy to play, however I do feel I should probably go to a 1.5oz tip, just to have a bit more beef while playing them away from the reeds, however the 1oz tip has done me well. This fish yet again, was persuaded away from the snags, and had a lot more energy than the last. When the fish got close, it looked a good Tench. And upon weighing, it was infact a new personal best!

IMG 20210522 121126
5lb Tench, kindly photographed by a nearby angler

5lb Tench! Not a monster by any stretch of the imagination, however a PB of any size, is a good fish for anyone. So I was chuffed with this! The fish was soon slide back into the Lake.

And on a new high with a new PB, and doubling the amount of Tench I caught last time. I was eager to get back in! And again a cast, another ball or two hand fed over, and the tip wrapped round again! This fish got me while I was hand feeding, so a slower reaction to strike, however I connected quickly to the fish, although it seemed to little to late as the Tench made it’s way to the reeds, and dislodged the hook leaving it in the snag. This is the risk of fishing towards a snag, however the previous Fish shows the benefit.

I quickly re-rigged, and recast, and after another 30 minutes, the tip went round again, however, I was not going to make the same mistake, and brought the fish away from the reeds before the powerful Tench got a sniff of the snag.

IMG 20210522 125558
Another fine Tench

Another lovely Tench landed, and with this fish, the heavens decided to open a bit. I was satisfied with my session, and was happy to leave it and head home while still fairly dry and warm!

Tight Lines all…

My Rod:

Bailey Payne Coarse

Small Pond = Big Fun

With the amount of rain we have had lashing down, it really does put you off Fishing, certainly put me off driving a fairly long way to try and catch some Tench, instead, I stayed at home, warm and dry, and when there was a break in the conditions had the short stroll to my little local pond which has been providing me plenty of fun and bites recently with the numbers of Fish in it, and definetly some true surprises.

My approach for fishing a small pond like this would normally be a light float setup, then fishing over micros with soft expanders or corn on the hook. However, I just used what I was going to go Tench Fishing with, which was a hybrid feeder, with a sweet berry groundbait mixed with micros and corn on the hook. Sure on a small pond, a few fish would fall to this sweet mix.

In the past from this pond, I have had hybrids, Carp to around 5-6lb, and seen even bigger at, a few doubles which is a shock! But these small ponds do throw odd shocks. They do have some crucian/goldfish hybrids too, which are always lovely fish to catch. And I’m sure there is other species in here I have no clue about.

My plan was only to spend an hour, maybe less here just between the rain as a way to get out and catch a few Fish. If I got one, I was happy, I setup, and had a short underarm chuck, and straight away a few fish where there with indications on my feeder straight away. Always a great sign!

From then, the tip went round in my first bite of the day, and I connected to the Fish! A small, perfect condition common carp.

IMG 20210501 114036 1

The one thing I so often find with these little ponds, is the the fish are always in such beautiful condition, no damage on them at all, and they have the tendancy to be a bit scrapier than your usual little Carp too! Which really adds to it, especially on a light rod, these little Fish will try and dart into the reeds and snags and really make a go of it. Afterall, a lot of us grew up fishing these little ponds, catching fish like this, and it’s always fun to roll back the years and do it again. Especially if you do have venues like this on your doorstep.

Back to the action, well, it got a bit quiet, clearly the disruption from this guy had caused a few others to back off maybe, and it was a quiet 10-15 minute wait. And then the tip went round again, for another little energetic Carp. And again, another 15 minutes or so, I managed another one.

So, for under an hour, 3 little Carp, I was quite happy, and satisified the fishing bug for the day! And for a day where I was just on a quick run out, I can’t complain. However, next week, onto a change and hunting some more Tench!

Tight Lines…

Bailey Payne Coarse

Essex Tinca Time!

Finally, something I haven’t done for a while, a good bit of Tench fishing, I will probably spend the rest of my time until the Rivers open in around a month, hunting some Tench! I mean, they are an incredible species, no matter the size. I have joined BDAC for the season, they hold a number of waters and rivers around the county and thought I would have a little look around a few to see if it would be worth it for me, especially since I don’t know any day ticket Tench waters, their lake Parsonage Farm, really appealed.

Parsonage is an interesting venues, holding good numbers of Tench, averaging between 2-3lb. Nothing huge, but great sport from a lovely Fish. I headed there for the first time, with the cold weather still continuing, a cold wet start, and staying cold and wet while I was there, without a good place to put my brolly because of the wind, was safe to say I was quite wet and cold! Surely this couldn’t be Tench feeding weather, and clearly others thought this was the Lake was quite empty!

My tactic, sit under and hold the brolly down in the wind, and sit on a little hybrid feeder with Tincaberry groundbait rotating from corn and small Tincaberry boilles on the hair-rig. Using my trusty 8ft 1oz quiver, I was hoping to get a good bend in the rod, and my aim for this cold day was just to get off the mark on the Lake with one Tench! Surely achievable!

IMG 20210508 102946

The first chuck of the feeder just past the reed bed, resulted in a few knocks and taps, certainly building confidence, and I was expecting a quick start, however these soon died down after 15 mins or so. Recast and rebait! Making sure to keep a steady flow of groundbait hitting the same spot, I was hoping this could trigger the Tench to feed on my spot, or just encourage one!

Second cast caused for more excitment with the tip being teased round slowly, and a Fish was on! However, little fight came from this Fish, surely not a Tench, at least not of any size. Up popped from the depths a nice Roach/Bream Hybrid I suspect. A lovely fish to catch, and at least I haven’t blanked!

IMG 20210508 100726

Catching at a new venue, even if it isn’t the target species, always adds some confidence. I went in for the 3rd cast with all that confidence, hitting the same spot again. And this time, a much more encouraging bite, as the tip ripped round. This time it was a much better Fish, with is straight away taking line from my reel. This must have been a Tench. I encouraged the powerful Fish away from the main threat of the reeds with little resistance, I suspected it was a Tench on the smaller side, however I was not sure what to expect, I got the Fish into the open, and started bringing him in, taking line quickly off, until the Fish shook the hook! Gutted! Always horrible to lose the first good fish from a venue, especially when it was your target species.

In sync with losing this Fish, the rain seemed to have picked up a bit, along with the wind, and made for a miserable very uneventful next hour or so. I was almost close to the bring of how cold and wet I could be. I had a feeling I would get one more chance as the morning went by, with the rain slowly stopping, and temperature seemingly warming up. I continued to persevere with the spot I chose, despite no further bites, although indications and the odd liner where present, to keep slight hope.

I took the quiet spell to have a texting chat with a few friends on how the session was going. Clearly, the Fish may have been insulted with me feeling calm enough to do some texting! And from seemingly nowhere, the tip smashed round and my rod headed off my lap towards the lake. It’s bites like this why I always opt to have my rod on my lap! This Fish felt much bigger and better than the last one I lost, and really went on a steam towards the reeds! I dipped the rod tip down into the water, and pumped the line to stop the charge, the Fish soon turned around, and got into open water again, having the odd run of energy. But soon I managed to get it’s head up and to get it to gulp some air. This was a Tench too, a nice one. I find the first gulp of air while fighting a good fish is always a good turning point. I soon managed to scoop the net under the fish. And instantly sat back with relief of managing the target species. A lovely Tench, with a tail much bigger than it’s size, as it weighed in at just under 3lb.

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I was happy to end it on this Fish, I packed up and spoke to the few other brave anglers on the lake, and sought advice, although it was a tough day for everyone, a few Tench where caught when I left, it was nice to have contributed one! Hopefully in my next trip, I can get a few more, in maybe some nicer weather, although looking at the forecast while writing this, I don’t think I’m in for much luck!

Tight Lines all…

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