Stuart Gardiner

Angling and Etiquette Post Lock Down

So with the passing of the 29th March our freedom to fish further afield, night fishing and matches a small part of normality is slowly returning. As its looking likely also that summer 2021 will be a staycation boom in the UK and with the resurgence of angling as a pastime it should be a boom time for fisheries and the tackle industry in general. I see many clubs closing membership due to full quotas of members so on the down side swims and space will be at a premium and with this weeks early summer the banks are extra busy for the time of year.

I see many fisheries moving forward with smart plans with pre booking your and paying for your swim in advance which personally I am a big fan of this saves the usual bum rush of budding Usain Bolts sprinting with a bait box to bags ” that ” swim.

Being fortunate that my local fishery Redbrige Lakes has remained open in line with guidelines prior to 29th March has now become a solely members only fishery and the owner Gordon Bullock made great strives in making the fishery almost self service with lots of great changes to make the fishing easier regarding online bookings to self service bait and tackle purchases that will only speed up getting on the bank and wetting a line. Now its so simple to just turn up pay either online or in payment slip for your fishing and bait and basic essentials. My last 2 trips I have utilised this method paying with PayPal scanner on my iPhone which took seconds to do so.

As anglers we have been very fortunate with superb leadership by the Angling Trust that through this tough 12 months we have been able to continue for the most part with our pastime. with the added pressure on fisheries basic manners and etiquette is a must, be respectful to your fellow anglers if its busy ask what area they are fishing in etc so as to avoid crossed lines and frayed tempers, respect the wildlife its mating and nesting season. I personally am very aware that we are fishing in there back yard and home, this applies especially to leaving discarded line and litter, it takes seconds once you have packed up to have a final look over your swim and check its litter free for the next angler. Good luck and tight lines to everyone out this Easter weekend.

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