Andrew Pilgrim

  • What a T.A.R.T
    Firstly I need to apologise to the regular readers of Essex Anglers who have contacted me wondering where my weekly blog has gone. Sadly I have to report that due to other writing projects and work commitments I just don’t have time to produce weekly content for your adoring eyes, but ‘worry ye not’ I […]
  • British Record Missed by Ounces !!!!!
    As you are properly aware we bloggers have a little species Hunt competition this year and I am currently sitting on a grand total of one fish!…… A solitary Chub. This is due in part to two things. 1/ I mainly fish for Chub and 2/ Due to the current restrictions most of my fishing […]
  • Blanking for Fun.
    Two blanks on the trot!… Bloody weather!……not only is this frustrating as an angler it also means that I’ve very little to write about this week, so let me ask you a question.  How dedicated are you when it comes to fishing?  When you have blanked you sit at home staring into the distance whilst […]
    Isn’t lockdown a bitch?…. I am limited to fishing my two local rivers which shouldn’t be a problem as I love river fishing. But with the river levels going up and down, in lockdown, like my beloved Sheena’s … er…. well you get the idea. So what have I been up to the last week? […]
  • Licenced to Kill?
    Predator anglers, do you kill the fish you catch?……. Are you sure? Lets have a chat about fish handling. Undoubtedly the way we anglers care for our catch has improved tremendously in the last couple of decades. In the last few years the Carp boys have been leading the way with their supersized, fish friendly […]
  • What’s in your Bag?
    Before Xmas my trusty old bag finally died (who said Sheena?… How dare you!!!). No it was my roving/stalking bag. We had shared many good years bankside in all weathers and to be honest both of us were looking worse for wear and it was touch and go as to which one of us would […]
  • Frustrating Isn’t it?
    Frustrating isn’t it, when you are denied your one pleasure in life, when, in your mind, you have been perfecting a new technique or method and you are dying to try it out, when your tackle is starting to look forlorn and underused and you start to wonder if you may ever use it again? […]
  • Bluefin Tuna off Clacton?
    Ok, I can hear you all laughing but read on, you may be surprised. First I’d like to tell you about the amazing creature that is The Atlantic Bluefin Tuna. Unfortunately I can’t as I have never even seen one never mind caught one so what follows is taken from where you can read […]
  • New Year, New & Old Gear
    When Chub fishing I often like to use two rods. Apart from the obvious benefit of having two baits out it allows me to cover more water and ring the changes when it comes to baits and methods. My go to rod for the last few years has been my trusty Diawa Harrier Z MK2 […]
  • Practice What You Preach.
    Hi Guys & Gals, I trust you all had a very enjoyable Xmas and your sacks were full to bursting on Christmas morning, I know mine was but my beloved Sheena was busy basting her Turkey! Anyhoo, my last three blogs have been quite intense reading but I hope you found them useful and helpful […]