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Isn’t lockdown a bitch?…. I am limited to fishing my two local rivers which shouldn’t be a problem as I love river fishing. But with the river levels going up and down, in lockdown, like my beloved Sheena’s … er…. well you get the idea. So what have I been up to the last week? Here is a brief summery.

FISHING….. I have managed to get a few trips in to the Suffolk Stour round Langham and Dedham and one to my local little stream. It seems that the main challenge this time of year is not so much finding the fish but more often finding the river!

For some reason I seem to be unable to tempt more than a solitary Chub each session which is becoming somewhat perplexing. But still, it’s better than being stuck at home day after day.

SORT IT OUT!……………….One of the upsides to lockdown is that I finally got round to tidying out the tackle room and putting up some shelves. This caused me to ask if maybe I have enough reels.

Luckily for me I have a fishing mad wife and Sheena’s reply to my question was a rather delightful “You can never have too many reels” so all is good.

A GOOD WHIPPING….. Whilst having my sort out I found an old rod tucked away in the corner, an old Silstar that as I recall I used to use for stalking Chub many moons ago. Sadly it needed a bit of attention so I spent a day re -ringing it. Its probably 30 years since I did any whipping and the results were not what you would get from say Hardys but it will suffice. Plus it reminded me how relaxing this task can be and a very agreeable way to pass a few hours.

FISHING BUDDIES………Do have them?…. Or maybe just one lifelong pal who shares your passion? Or are you more like myself who positively revels in his own company? Well another result of fishing during lockdowns is that I have found myself drawn to chatting to any other angler I see out on the bank. Maybe its the general lack of human interaction in the rest of my life, beloved Sheena excepted, or maybe I’m just mellowing as I get older but the upside is that I am now in contact with Chris (an actor) and John (a musician) who both share the same passion for Chub fishing as myself and can regularly be found fishing the same places that I frequent. Fishing buddies?..Me?….. who would have thought. However I did have an issue with John……

I have to say that John is a cracking angler, Chub Fishing fanatic and a all round decent chap. He is even a musician like myself and produces a very slick weekly online live podcast thingy. But I was very disturbed a week or so ago when he sent me this picture. Dreadful isn’t it?

I can barely bring myself to look at it again. Do you see it?……. NO? What about now?

Perfectly pleasant bank sticks, a cracking pair of rods but the rod rests….. Dear God!… I had to let him know…..“John, your Rod Rests disturb me” I messaged, and a few day later he sent this back. With the reply “Will that make you happy?”… what a guy. Our friendship is restored.

O.C.D… Do you suffer with it? … How does it affect your angling?

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