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All aboard the Northstar!

Firstly, Happy New Year all! I know it’s a bit delayed but we didn’t get a blog out last week as I was a bit unwell so didn’t get a chance to get one sorted for you all. 

So, with the Nation being in a full lockdown any hope I had of travelling to Essex to try and grab a few species for the species hunt is dead in the water unfortunately. With this in mind and me being a bit under the weather as of late I haven’t managed to get out on the bank as I would have liked. 

Today’s blog is about a couple of previous trips we had with an awesome boat skipper called Jon aboard his boat the NorthStar from Canvey Island. Obviously, this is way before lockdown and any national restrictions that have been put into place, we are hoping that as soon as this virus decides to go on its merry way, we can get back out with Jon to try grab some species for the species hunt. 

Firstly, let me just put it across how funny Jon is, honestly one of the funniest most down to earth people I have ever met, his banter is top level and if your quite easily offended over quite crude jokes etc, his boat probably isn’t for you. Next to his awesome sense of humour is his knowledge, as most skippers have to be his knowledge is amazing. His first target of the day is to make sure you all have a good day, catching fish is obviously up there but sometimes out of his control so making sure you have a good day is controllable by him so he does this in bucket loads! 

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The boat itself is very comfortable and very well kept, we have had the privilege of fishing with him twice and both times I have felt very comfortable aboard his boat. 

Next, onto the fishing! Our main species for the trips were dogfish as these tend to come abundantly in the stretch of the Thames Estuary that we fished. 

We did make a vlog from the first trip with Jon which I will link at the bottom of the blog if you are interested in checking that out. 

We caught a lot of dog fish with a few cracking Rays and Smooth hound thrown in for good measure. 

Jon is based at the Lobster Smack, Haven Rd, Canvey Island, he also has a page for his boat which I will post at the bottom of the blog and again which we highly recommend having a look and jumping on board with this absolute legend! 

Having no knowledge or understanding of boat fish or sea fishing in general his does cater for the absolute novice of us all, he will take the time to talk you through it and explain why it is done that way which again for myself and the group was a huge positive as I love learning new techniques and understanding what I’m doing in more detail. 

So, with that all done unfortunately that’s the end of the blog, I hope you enjoyed this short blog and admire the pictures etc in the blog, don’t forget if you want to check it out a bit more check the vlog out linked below of our first trip upon the NorthStar. I am hoping to get out on the bank this weekend, local to myself and within my district as per Government guidelines, so hopefully some fresh content for you all next week. 

As always,

Tight Lines & Wet Nets,





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