Alan Stevens

  • New Mark Review – Pakefield, Suffolk
    With a week booked off work and a mass of pent up desire to fish beyond my residential area, the weather forecast could not have been better for a late March Monday. 22-degrees with no wind was promised but leaving home at 5:30 am with frost and fog I had dressed for the worst.  Suffolk […]
  • Tackle Refresh – Fishing With Twisted Wire Booms
    As a kid the standard, go-to terminal tackle from the Essex piers or our boat on the River Crouch would be a three hook, wire boom rig. Top hook would be a slice of mackerel, middle hook would be worm tipped with fish, and bottom hook pure worm. If one of the baits was out […]
  • Neighbours News – And It’s Cod!
    As we approach freedoms to fish beyond our local neighbourhoods, essex anglers will begin to bring updates from our neighbours either side of our wonderful county, introducing local top fishermen to provide insights and catch reports from their local marks beyond the county boundaries. Today I am pleased to introduce David Porter, who masters the […]
  • Fishing Frenzy To Drive Shortages of Tackle And Bait
    Anyone who tried to acquire a beach tripod last summer will know too well that they were, at times, rarer than a double figure cod. With our restrictions being lifted again over the coming weeks, we explore the pending outlook for kit and bait as we all prepare to get back out there to indulge […]
  • Fishing Friendships and Ben’s Huge Dab
    We might not quite be there yet but I can hear the large lady warming up her vocal cords so to speak. It is going to be weird to be able to fish again with real people. The two dimensional world of Zoom, MS Teams and Facebook is going to blossom into the three dimensional […]
  • A Double – the fish are back
    Well another week passes and the challenge of writing fishing blogs in these somewhat constrained times remains. I mean, even the Whiting deserted our shores so how hard does it have to get before we wave the white flag of surrender. But have no fear friends, I have some good news – the fish are […]
  • Back In Action
    One of my early childhood memories is of throwing a half constructed Airfix model out of my bedroom window. The frustration of sticking hundreds of fiddly bits of plastic together was too much for my clumsy, shaky fingers and short temper. These traits have lived with me all my life  and is the reason I […]
  • Just One Thing
    I don’t normally major on rod and reel reviews for one simple reason in that I believe so much is down to personal fishing style, budget and of course the unique conditions of our own local marks. I am not against product reviews to be clear and read, and learn, a lot each week including […]
  • Pulley Rigs Verses Up And Over Rigs. The why and when to chose between them
    Well another week passes with fishing news being put into perspective by more important events. Dominating my thoughts has been the sad passing of Sir Tom – what a great man – and his amazing spirit has driven me on to doing more than ever towards helping our fantastic country recover from this awful disease. […]
  • Beach Baits On A Budget
    Well the sea is certainly a tad lively this weekend with big tides and a brisk easterly wind. The seabed will be stirred up for sure and it could be an interesting period for those lucky to live by the sea and mad enough to brave the conditions. My week has been dominated by our […]