Alan Stevens

  • Fish and a perfect sunrise
    Well what an amazing sunrise this morning. I cannot remember such a picturesque dawn greeting at Mersea than I was blessed with experiencing this morning. The golden sun reflecting off the sand and multi coloured beach huts was picture postcard stuff and a timely reminder of how lucky we are to be living in such […]
  • Awesome fishing in the middle of the greatest city on earth
    Well another week passes with this awful virus causing such tragedy everywhere you look. Thankfully the vaccine is being rolled out at pace and we can hope to look forward to happier times later this year.  With a future where travel is possible once more hopefully getting closer; my aim is to write a series […]
  • Reading The Beach Part Three – baits and terminal tackle
    “The secret of happiness is variety, but the secret of variety is knowing when to use it” Well another week has passed fellow anglers and with 2021 upon us I wish you all a happy and healthy year ahead. The weather has remained cold and the estuaries are full of sprats so I guess the […]
  • Reading the beach part 2: the killer clues that tip the odds in your favour
    Insanity; to do the same thing and expect different results Well fellow readers; I hope this blog finds you well and that Santa delivered all the gear you need ready for a fabulous 2021. The change in weather has been a bit dramatic this week and with it the Flounder have duly arrived on the […]
  • Reading the beach – how to significantly improve your catch
    The day hasn’t started well. Firstly, waking to digest the sad COVID-19 emerging situation and the full extent of Tier 4 rules on my festive fishing plans it was only to be made worse by a less than well thought out email from Tripadvisor telling me it was a great time of year to be […]
  • Leaving the shoreline – a great day’s fishing on Dawn Tide II
    It was an eerie feeling as I left home before 6am last Tuesday. Leaving my trusted tripod and 14ft beach casters at home for a day’s fishing just felt wrong. Heading South on the quiet pre-rush hour roads I kept getting panic attacks of the kind you might get when leaving for the airport and […]
  • A codling and some superb bass on the sliders fishing the Blackwater.
    What a difference a week makes. Last weekend it was like a summer day at the beach fishing in light clothing, this weekend absolutely freezing. It is properly cold, the kind of cold that gets into your bones. Frostbite in my fingers as I write today fellow anglers. I hope you appreciate my dedication.  The […]
  • Sliders on the beach – with surprisingly good results
    Let’s face it, Northern hemisphere sea fishing isn’t exactly seen as a sexy sport. I know we love it but it is hardly likely that we attract thousands of drooling followers who tune in to live streaming of our endeavours every trip. This is so different in the Southern Hemisphere and especially South Africa where […]
  • A tribute to the Essex Piranha
    The world is a crazy place right now. Divisive politics, Covid confusion… wherever you look opinions are deeply engrained and more polarised than ever. Thankfully one thing remains a force for bringing us all together in agreement and that is of course the Essex Piranha or as they are sometimes called, Whiting. Oh come on […]
  • Fish can’t eat your rod….although whiting would probably like to.
    The most prized fish I have ever claimed in UK coastal waters was a 11 & 1/2lb bass I caught at the mouth of the River Crouch. I was 13 years old and fishing with my father from his boat, having motored down the last of the ebb from the Essex Marina Wallasea Island. We […]