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Advanta Discovery RVS Rod River Ambush 5.5ft – Review

After attempting to fish today in the -3c weather, with my rod tip freezing, made placing a bait very difficult, along with the freezing wind chill, I didn’t last very long. So today, I decided to have a look at the Advanta River Ambush rod, at 5.5ft its a tiny rod capable of getting in those overgrown swims in the summer, and it’s a rod I have had since the start of the River season, so I have had some use out of it, and the big question is, is it any good?

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The first thing to note, this is an Angling Direct own product, and is priced at £24.99, making it a cheap option. For those just wanting a small rod to use occasionally for those specific swims and venues. It has a 1.5lb test curve, which for most of my Fishing, is stronger than I would usually use and is a two piece rod.

The first thing adapting to with this rod, is casting with such a small rod, and it really does change casting, however a few chucks and you are quickly adapted to it. I found this rod great in the summer, with the overgrowth, getting into tight swims, and catching small Chub of up to 1lb. It had more than enough power to bully them out, and the Fish weren’t bite sensitive at all, so kept trying to drag the rod in. It was great fun to use it catching these Fish.

However, I did also take this rod with me to a weir pool, catching Perch of around half a pound and other small Roach too, later in the season, and I found the rod was just to heavy, I think the strength of the tip made a lot of the Perch spit the hook and worm out.

I have also took this rod to my club lakes to give it a power test, dealing with Carp of up to 6/7lb, and they have some Barbel tight in the margins to see if the Rod was up to the challenge of bullying them out.

The rod dealt with this quite well, and did manage to land one of the Barbel (I know Barbel shouldn’t be in lakes too). Even had a nice bonus Tench.

Overall, the rod has got the power behind it, which I think can hinder it in certain situations, especially going after the smaller species when they aren’t just properly having it. It would be a great rod for a lump of cheese paste or meat, waiting in a swim you know will provide a good fish, the rod will be able to deal with handling them. I would also say this would be a nice rod for a kid looking to get into River Fishing, a nice small size, doesn’t break the bank and will definitely have a few Fish caught on it, but has the power to deal with bigger Fish too. It would be a nice addition and at the price not too noticeable, however I would not solely rely on this Rod on Rivers.

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Very good rod. I bought mine after watching Mark Erdwins video where it handled good chub and an absolute lump of a barbel. Think they might be out of stock now though. Very capable rod!

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