Brian Holland

Addiction to the Single Pop-Up

One thing that I must impress on the reader is that I will alter my fishing to suit the situation of the lake but first and foremost I will start with a single. To some of my fishing friends this is now a running joke.

The humble beginnings started about three years ago when a friend asked me to join him and his father on an overnight on a lake up north Essex. When we got there on a bit of a rain sodden afternoon, they already knew the swims they were fishing from, so I bivvied up alongside as this was a social. Looking out from the swim they were directly opposite an island about sixty yards, I had the point at the same distance.

Listening to others and removing the wheat from the chaff is something we all must do. So my friend told me prior he puts out a carpet of bait boilie and particle as this could be a hard water and the fish do like a munch, although I will fish this way I tend to avoid this on commercial waters and usually put a few catapults out. Anyway I had come prepared with this information and was ready to spod the area to death when the bailiff came round to collect the money, As I always do is speak to them to glean as much info as possible. After five minutes of talking and my friend and his father are now whizzing spomb’s over the lake towards the island the bailiff just comes out with “Just put a pop up off the point”. Now you know when you have come prepared to fish a certain way you can be stubborn and not really pay heed but for some reason after he walk off my mind chose the words why not can’t do any harm.

Now at this point in my fishing experience even though I had used pop ups I wasn’t confident in them choosing mostly to use bottom baits, So I rifled in the bait box and found some fifteen millimetre yellow pop ups, with no harm in trying going through my mind, I tied a rudimentary rig, tested it the water’s edge it sat up. As I said I very rarely used a pop up so I tied a little PVA bag of pellets to protect the hook point and fired it out towards the point, Put the rod on the alarms and waved my hands in a dismissive that will do gesture and now started to set up for the night. The spombing had stopped next door and they were reading their rigs.

Well I would say at least ten minutes had past when the alarm started screaming and reel was in melt down. Now it wasn’t an epic or hard fight but did result in a mid-double and a friend looking at me like I just conquered Everest and me saying “a single pop up off the point” as if I knew what I was doing.

Now these days I would say ninety percent of my fishing is done with a single pop up, yellow being my first choice and it has done me remarkable well of late, but it is a long road and another tale.


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