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A Warm Welcome!

First things first as this is our first blog with Essex Anglers, we should probably start with an introduction blog! We are JT Carpers, two friends who have a love for fishing and love to share our experiences with people, our names are Jack & Terry hence the name JT Carpers, I bet your thinking ‘very outside of the box thinking’, we know right! We have known each other for around 7 years and our love for fishing has brought us closer as mates, not lovers as our partners may suggest at times. Most of our fishing is based in and around the Essex area as this is where we are both from, however in recent years I (Terry) have relocated to Lincolnshire and have recently joined a local club to give my local river a try so defiantly keep tuned in for updates on that in the future. Our main focus in Carp angling as we love these beautiful creatures however from time to time, we like to dabble in other forms of fishing from Sea fishing offshore to waggler fishing for smaller species. Just like most keen anglers we aim to get time on the bank as much as possible.

A lot of our fishing at the moment is based at a club lake in Maldon, Essex, unfortunately we aren’t members as of yet however they have a guest lake which we have been given permission to fish freely in the meantime so expect a lot of content from us from this lake, Jacks current UK P.B is from this lake so there are defiantly some awesome fish for us to get amongst here and we look forward to future blogs of our adventure on the Guest Lake!

Jack’s current UK PB of 27.2lb from the Guest lake stated previously.

My current UK PB of 25lb from The Mill Day Ticket in Chelmsford

As stated early in the blog we have known each other for 7 years and have been fortune enough to share some epic fishing adventures together, none greater than a weeklong trip to Lake Chira in Gran Canaria, I could literally talk for days upon days of how amazing this trip was however I’m not sure my wife or yourself would appreciate that too much! So instead of talking endlessly on in I will just show a couple of epic snaps from our trip!

My current PB of 32lb Stunning Lake Chira Carp | Jacks current PB of 31.8lb Mirror known as ‘Zippy’

Perfect example of the stunning mirror carp Lake Chira had to offer on our trip!

So that brings us to the end of our first blog with Essex Anglers! Hopefully we will be posting on here very reguarly and this wont be the last you hear from us! If you would like to follow us on Facebook and Instagram to see any little bits we may not post here on Essex Anglers we would really appreciate the support! (@JTCarpers on both Instagram and Facebook) So for now tight lines and wet nets from myself and Jack!

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