A new venue, a new challenge

Last Friday a lake that was previously open last year re-opened under new ownership and with a fresh look. I never really took the time to fish it other than a quick 12 hour session. It was winter when I discovered and fished it and before I could go back it had closed. I had found out about it’s reopening from a local angler at my park lake and decided to book a swim for the following weekend.

The next weekend came along and I prepped my gear and tied some micro barbed hooks due to them being the only type allowed on the waters going with multi rig and blowback rig(snowman rig). I turned up to Kingsland fisheries on the Saturday evening at about 7.30pm. The complex had an easier pleasure lake with reasonably big fish and a much harder specimen lake but with some extremely high rewards. I set up at a swim with an island close in front and thick weed to the left.

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With some advice to the bailiff and some feature finding I found a few gravel and silt spots between the weed and got my rods set up. I was with my dad who had 1 rod along with my 2. On the left rod I had a single hookbait cell wafter 1/2 a foot from a willow to my left with complimented with some scattered banoffee boilies and the middle rod on top of some light weed in a solid bag with some ground bait, pellet and hemp seeds. My dad put his rod a metre to the right of the close island which had an overhanging willow tree with a pop up on a spinner rig.

We settled in for the night which was dead without any bites and woke up and recast. We used a gas stove to cook some bacon and hoped our rods would rip of before the 7pm leave that Sunday evening. We ate our food and changed some of our tactics and positioning but kept patient as we knew that waiting was a key part in this lake particularly.

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The day went past without a bite and we began packing up our non essential items like the bivy and beds but left our rods out whilst we packed up as every angler knows there’s always time for a bite even if it’s a matter of minutes. We were talking to the bailiff as we packed in our gear and the bite alarm had a few stuttery bites and as I approached the rod it gave a big tug so lifted it up and began to reel. 

I was nervous due to the amount of weed as this was my middle rod that went off which was in the weediest area but was reassured due to my micro barbed hooks. It gave up a little fight but began to take line when coming close to the net. It swam towards the weed but I directed back towards me and it was swiftly in the back of the net. It didn’t look to sizeable and was one of the small residents of the lake but it turned out to be 20 pounds exactly and I was extremely happy as it only looked about 16-18. Anything above 14 was an achiever for me because before may I hadn’t caught anything over 12lb and this was my 5th 20 over the past two months.

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The weekend started out slow but was a beautiful lake and the thought of 35lb+ fish will definitely make me return as this lake was only 5 minutes from my home. 

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