A day at the beach.

With a free afternoon I headed to a local beach mark to try for some flatfish. Arriving an hour before high tide I stepped on to what was left of the sand and cast out. I decided to use a looped dropshot rig with pink isome and 10g of weight.

Retrieving the rig slowly through the small breakers it was hard to distinguish a bite from a wave but after about 5 casts I felt a definite bite and I was in to my first fish. Not putting up much a fight I thought I’d lost it half way in but it was just a small flounder, still, it was my first every flounder off the beach.

Then followed a steady flow of fish, each one bigger than the last. 

  • 20211019 152204
  • 20211019 150030
  • 20211019 145441
  • 20211019 145427
  • 20211019 144016
  • 20211019 143640

This is something I’ve been wanting to do for a while now and it’s something I’ll definitely be doing again as soon as I can. Hopefully next time I can take my daughter Chloe, she loves going to the beach and she needs a flounder for her species list.

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