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Blown away at the Guest Lake

Welcome back to another JT Carpers blog, this week we finally managed to hit the bank recently and got another trip to ‘The Guest Lake’ under our belts, with the weather up and down every day leading up to our trip we had no idea what to expect, from low wind, no cloud and high air pressure to the very next day showing high winds, overcast and low pressure so it was keeping us on our toes. 

Unfortunately for me and Jack, as I live 2-3 hours away, trying to do spontaneous trips based on the weather conditions is a bit difficult, also with both of us having children this cancels any chance of week day trips so we have to book them in advance and hope for the best! 

With this trip it seemed like the conditions themselves were perfect apart from the very high winds, we got to the complex as early as possible and upon arriving we had a little chat with the owner Mike, who informed us that a member had caught a 37.8lb carp and two 29lb from the small members lake that weekend, we honestly cannot wait to become members here and have a go for these beasts! 

So, after pulling up to the lake and selecting our pegs we unloaded the van and went on our merry way to try and persuade one of the lakes residents to pose for a nice photograph. With the high winds seemingly going to be a problem we decide to fish closer in then what we were originally going to do so we could bait more accurately and not have to use the Spomb which could prove to be a bit of an issue. 

The shape of the lake is in a rectangular shape and with 8 swims every swim has a nice bit of lake to fish without interruption from the other pegs, Jack prefers to fish the corner swims as this gives him a nice corner margin to fish into where you can regularly see and hear the fish moving about, I decided to fish the swim to Jacks left so with only two other people on the lake and them being on the opposite side of the lake this gave me the whole left half of the lake to myself. 

With this rod in place and on the end of the wind I baited up with two 15mm Spotted Fin Classic Corn on the hair rig and then ever so kindly asked Jack to walk down to the swim furthest away and bait up via catapult for a more accurate bating. 

The day passed very un-eventful for us both with the wind seemingly putting a stumbling block on our fishing, luckily for me about 2 hours before we were due to pack up and leave my left-hand rod that I had placed right down the left side of the lake as shown above roared into action! I was attached to a very hard fighting fish, so this added in with the high winds made for a very interesting battle. 

Finally, after a short but worthy battle I was rewarded with this pristine white tipped common carp, with only one other fish being caught in the lake that day and the conditions not being the greatest I was very happy with this beautiful carp. 

So, that ends this week’s blog, but first some awesome news! Myself and Jack have been offered a membership on these lakes as of next year so be prepared for some lovely carp and more blogs about these trips, so as always if you’re out fishing then…. 

Tight Lines & Wet Nets! 



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