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10 Perfect Christmas Gifts for All Anglers

Are you struggling with ideas on what to get that special fishy someone this Christmas? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Sometimes, unless they’ve specifically asked for a certain rod, or new chair, or in my case a new pair of waders, it can be hard at Christmas to know what to get. Here’s ten ideas that almost ALL fishermen would absolutely love.

Number Ten – Socks

Christmas Socks

All fishermen like warm feet, you can’t go wrong with a pair of socks. There’s lots of brands on offer however, one which particularly stuck out is the new waterproof socks by Korda. I won’t lie they are more expensive than other brands, but your beloved angler will appreciate it when everyone else is sulking with wet feet and they’re still fishing.

Korda Waterproof Socks – £27.99

Fortis Thermal Tech Socks – £12.99

Number Nine – Magazine Subscription

IMG 6966

Fishing magazines have been around for over 100 years, so why not treat your special fisherman to an annual subscription to their favourite magazine this Christmas. There’s lots of different magazines on offer. If your beloved angler enjoys spending their time by the sea, then I’d recommend Sea Angler magazine. If they prefer carp fishing, Total Carp is a great choice. And if they’re an all-rounder, The Angling Times has all bases covered. If fly fishing is their passion, I hear Trout & Salmon is a fantastic read.

Sea Angler (13 issues) – £39.95

Total Carp (13 issues)- £52.99

Angling Times (52 issues) – £73.70

Trout & Salmon magazine (13 issues) – £48.40

Number Eight – Power Bank

image 2

With technology creeping further and further into our lives, keeping our devices charged is ever so important. A power bank is a great gift idea for any angler. It allows you to charge phones, head torches, cameras and other devices on long sessions. Power banks can range from around £10 up to £100 for the larger ones. The Nedis Mobile power bank range is a great choice.  The largest can charge a phone up to 8 times.

Nedis Power Bank (20000 mAh) – £39.99

Nedis Power Bank (5000 mAh) – £11.99

Number Seven – Headlamp

image 3

If your angler enjoys night fishing, it might be time to get them a new head torch. There are lots of cheaper headtorches on the market which will do the job fine, but a decent headtorch can be life changing. There’s nothing worse than squinting in the dark trying to pass the line through the eye of a hook and a decent head torch can change that. The Ridge monkey VRH300 is a rechargeable head torch which can provide up to 200 lumens of light. It’s a great option for £49.99. A cheaper, but just as bright option is the Petzl Tikkina. It runs off 3 AAA batteries but at half the price is a real steal. They’re both great Christmas gift ideas.

Ridge Monkey VRH300 – £49.99

Petzl Tikkina – £25.00

Number Six – Boots

image 4

A lot of the time when fishing, you will be outside and a lot of venues, whether they’re lakes, rivers or the sea can be quite muddy! In the winter months, having a reliable, strong and comfy boot can really make the difference. Skee-tex ultralite boots are incredible for keeping you dry and warm in those colder months. They’re light, comfy, seem to be indestructible and are perfect for walking up and down rivers or on those muddy banks. At just under £40, they also don’t break the bank. 

Skee-tex Ultralite Boots – £37.95

Number Five – Line spooler

image 5

Soon after winter, spring follows. Many anglers like to get rid of their old line and spool up with fresh line. A line spooler is a fantastic and helpful tool to help do this. Even though it’s less than £10 most anglers just never get one. Surprise someone this Christmas with this amazingly helpful tool.

Line Spooler – £8.97

Number Four – Custom Mug and Kettles

image 6

Get your angler something they will remember this Christmas like a custom mug, flask or kettle. Carpy Kettles on facebook do custom engraved kettles, mugs, spoons and more. Prices for kettles start at £50 and the whole kettle is fully customizable. It can be engraved with a fish pixture, a logo, a furry friend, or anything else that comes to mind. If you’re interested, click the link below to contact them.

Carpy Kettles Website

Carpy Kettles Facebook

Number Three – Food Storage

image 7

When it comes to keeping food hot and fresh, Alan recommends the Tefal Senator range as a perfect Christmas gift. There’s nothing better than warm soup when you’re fishing and there’s nothing worse than it leaking everywhere (It’s happened to me before). The Senator range is well priced at just £35 for the 1L lunch flask. Apparently they’re also half price from The Home & Cook shop at Braintree Village.

Tefal Senator 1L Food Flask – £35

Tefal Senator 700ml Flask – £23

Number Two – Avid Carp Retracta Tool Set

image 8

This tool set from Avid is a perfect stocking filler. All the tools inside are made from titanium and finished with a stylish look. It comes with all the tools you need including a splicing needle, gated baiting needle, boilie needle, hard boilie needle and a bait drill. The bonus being they all fit into a durable and hard waring case. At just £20, it’s the perfect Christmas gift for any carp angler.

Avid Retracta Tool Set – £19.99

Number One – Gift Card

image 9

If you want to air on the side of caution and play it safe, then the perfect option is a gift voucher. There are many different companies available and I would opt for a voucher from either The Fishing Megastore or The Tackle Box. Both companies offer a great selection of brands at competitive prices as well as delivery.

The Tackle Box Gift Cards

Fishing Megastore Gift Cards

That’s our top 10 list of gifts perfect for anglers. There’s lots of things we haven’t mentioned so if your looking for more inspiration, click here to take you to The Tackle Box’s website where they have hundreds of recommended gifts.

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