What is Essex Anglers?

Essex Anglers was started by “The Essex Angler”, Bailey Payne. The group has changed over time and is now The Essex Angler and Friends. Sharing content from across the country covering multiple types of fishing. From Coarse, to Lure and Sea. We will cover it all! Blogs and videos from our members will be shared, we love making content and sharing it with our community, so jump in and grab a tea!

New posts are shared every Saturday by one of our members, to find out who is posting when, check out the blog schedule!

Latest Blogs

  • Syndicate Sessions
    Welcome back to a very late JT Carpers blog, we haven’t posted in a while but with some new people joining the Essex Anglers team and a new schedule being made we have more manageable blogging times so let’s look forward to more content on the horizon 😊 In this
  • Summer Chubbin’ (Topwater Chub Fishing)
    Well, it’s safe to say after this summer I have a bit of a new addiction in Lure Fishing. Topwater fishing for chub, something already a lot of anglers do, however, there is still a lot which don’t. And if you’re not…why?!? This is by far during the summer, the
  • Birthday Treat
    Firstly, I’d like to apologise for the lack of blogs from us recently, we have been out on the bank a bit but I’ve just lost track of doing the blogs, so I apologise, however WE ARE BACKKK!!  So, for the first blog back we are going to go back
    Getting down to the lake at around 10am seeing a few fish top about and loads of splashes which is awesome to see! Fishing tackle wise I came down with my 11ft daiwa paired with my shimano bait runner with 12lb mono And my other rod  12ft sundridge proton feeder
  • Spring Tenching And A Wild Swim
    Up at 4.45 on a frosty late March morning. Tackle packed into my trusty Volvo the night before, lunch and flask prepared, and Indy my dog poised and alert: he knows we’re going fishing. It took me almost all of the previous afternoon to prepare for today’s session. My wife
  • Kickstarting Essex LRF
    LRF in Essex is fairly unheard of unfortunately, due to the muddy murky Thames, it makes lure fishing for mini species incredibly difficult. The marks that Devon and Cornwall have, just aren’t here, strong tides also makes life difficult. Overall, we just have smaller populations of those mini species. However,
  • Friend Or Foe – investigating seal and inshore trawler impacts on fish stocks
    It’s funny what you remember from school. Even stranger at times is what from that you learn, what you chose to actually use in life. Probably the most important thing I learned from school was down to my RE teacher, Mr Marshall. He was weird to say the least. Resembling
  • The Best Species For Lure Fishing?
    With lure fishing we can catch pretty much every species that swims, from Grayling, Roach to Catfish. But which is best? The most common 3 are perch, pike and chub. Pike despite getting big, fighting hard and being pretty common they are only a winter and autumn species as its
  • Thornwood on the fly  
    Started off tying on a white fly sort of a small silver fry imitation a few awful casts later I actually saw some improvement with getting some distance! With no luck on the white fly I changed to a sinking bloodworm and after two casts I was into a lovely
  • On The Hunt: Predator fishing 2021/22
    Winter is all about predator fishing for me, although I did partake of a couple of short sessions on my local river, the Suffolk Stour, trotting for the numerous dace and chub that inhabit this jungly, overgrown stretch, which I’m happy to say is free-fishing and only a five minute
  • BFS Perch Fishing – Exploring new Rivers
    Well, after my house move, I’m back fishing and continuing with Lures. Lure fishing has really won me over, from its simplicity and ease, a rod, net, rucksack and you’re off and can fit in sessions easily around a busy life. And boy, the joy and feel when you feel
  • A study In Light.
    A radical approach to glow in the dark tackle that seriously improves catch rates Back in November I was watching an old episode of Only Fools And Horses – the one where Del Boy had acquired some cheap paint and was busy decorating a range of things from the kitchen
  • Lure Fishing What Makes It Tough?
    Lure fishing is the most exciting method of fishing known to man, with explosive takes when the rods in your hands and light tackle helping you to feel every bite and head shake. Theres often times when you will be able to just grab your rod, rig up a drop-shot,
  • Chelmer perch! 
    Getting down to a nice spot on the chelmer with a quiver tip and worms and pellets for chub and a light lure rod for perch! First few casts with the quiver tip had it bent double with some really nice chub biggest being near 3lb! Really hard fighting fish
  • For The Love Of Chub
    I think I’ve grown to love chub. It wasn’t an immediate infatuation, like my experience with tench and pike, more a slow-burn, a gradual awakening of admiration, prompted by Matt Hayes and ably assisted by the river Roding. One crisp winters morning about twenty years ago, I was driving to
  • Nice to be Back
    Hello all. It’s been nearly a year since my last blog. I bet you are all going oh no not him again. Yes, it’s me, I’m back. I have missed you all and I’m sorry I haven’t blogged in so long. As always, everyday life gets in the way and
  • Seasonal Baits That Make A Winning Session
    OK let’s be clear from the start. Sprats don’t catch mackerel, well at least they don’t on Clacton Pier on a cold, misty January morning. But the sprat season is well under way and as I watch the birds working the oily water surface I can only imagine what carnage
  • My lure caught species in January 2022.
    January is a tough time of the year for lure fishing anywhere in the UK. The colder temperatures and regularly strong winds that results in dirtier waters are things wished away by the lure angler, especially LRF anglers. Now even though it does get more difficult in the very early