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What is Essex Anglers?

Essex Anglers is a group of passionate Anglers from Essex who want to blog and share their fishing experiences.

Whether it be hunting for Big Carp, stalking Local Rivers for Chub, Match Fishing, Chasing Predators or exploring the Coastline one of us will cover it.

Our Anglers

We are lucky enough to have a huge range of different types of Anglers as part of a team, follow the link to find out who we have and what they do!


  • The 2021 Essex Anglers Species Hunt
    Today, January First, 2021, marks the start of a year long competition between myself and fellow bloggers on the Essex Anglers site. The goal is simple, to catch as many different species as we can. The only catch being they must be caught in Essex. Every time a new species is caught, it will be […]
  • Anglers on Fishing & Mental Health
    Essex Anglers are proud to have the opportunity to produce this post, on what Fishing means to a range of different Anglers, the Essex Anglers team, some of our amazing guest bloggers we have had and some amazing names in the Fishing world have all opened up on what Fishing means to them, and how […]

Latest Blogs

First time making a lure during lock down 1.0
During the first lock down in march 2020, I decided to have a go at making a lure out of anything I could find in my shed. And here is how it turned out. First I got a piece of wood. I marked out the shape of the lure in …
Awesome fishing in the middle of the greatest city on earth
Well another week passes with this awful virus causing such tragedy everywhere you look. Thankfully the vaccine is being rolled out at pace and we can hope to look forward to happier times later this year.  With a future where travel is possible once more hopefully getting closer; my aim …
Why We Fish ?
While we still in this awful pandemic and even though fishing is allowed the distance, area and weather we can go to is fairly limiting for so many at this time, I myself am looking forward to brighter, warmer and drier days ahead in the months ahead when fingers crossed …
History of Bait – Sweetcorn
Hopefully starting a little mini series talking about the history of some Fishing baits, with positive responses I will continue the idea and do some other baits, of course if you are interested in a bait, let me know and I will research it for you. But today, we look …
Frogs as Bait? – A Peek into 15th Century Fishing Bait.
Over 500 hundred years ago they obviously didn’t have boilies and pellets so what did they use? As you can imagine native earthworms such as the anecic earthworm and maggots were readily available and often used however there were lots of strange of baits that have been forgotten about. In …

Sister Sites

Essex Angler’s have had the opportunity to spread out into different counties across the UK, here are our sister sites we have helped start.

Cheshire Anglers
Cheshire Anglers

Cheshire Anglers is the first sister site we have, started by Peter Baker, one of the original members of Essex Anglers before he moved to Cheshire. He is doing some great blogs over there and soon to be some other great Anglers contributing!